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Learn the FUNdamentals of dance!



When you are learning the basic skills in dance, it's important to go somewhere that is getting you started on the right foot!  At Kinetic Arts, we believe in setting a strong foundation in dance from the very beginning. Our 'Fabulous Feet' Level 1 curriculum introduces 5 and 6 year olds to the basic skills in a fun, supportive and comprehensive way. Our level 2 fundamentals classes expand on this knowledge and give dancers a strong and safe foundation of skills and proper technique in all styles.  Our faculty are true professionals, and are trained teaching age-appropriate and progressive curriculum. 


Here are some reasons why DANCE is a a great choice for everyone: 

- FUN!  Why doesn't like to move to music? It lowers our stress levels and makes us feel happy! 

- FRIENDSHIP!  We attract students from schools throughout our foothills area.  It's a a great way for kids to meet new friends who share their interests!

- CONFIDENCE!  Learning and mastering a new skill builds self-esteem! Our studio fosters a positive and encouraging environment that keeps kids wanting to come back. Progressing in dance takes dedication, and dedication creates pride and confidence!

- COORDINATION! It goes without saying, but dance class increases coordination. This coordination translates to other sports, stage presence, and general life! 

Are you ready to join in the fun?  

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