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Summer 2022 
Registration is now open!

Looking for Mini Movers Toddler Dance or Marshdale After School Jazz/Hop?  Enter online registration system and select the class of your choice to register

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How much do classes cost?  Tuition is calculated based on the number of hours your child is enrolled in per week.  There is a $30 annual registration fee per family. Please visit our TUITION AND FEES page for more information. 


Which level should I enroll my child in?   Class placement is based primarily on skill level and not necessary on age.  We understand that every child wants to dance with kids their own age. However, much like academics, placing a child in a class which is two advanced for them is detrimental to their dance experience. Registering a child for a more advanced level than their skill-set slows down the progress of the whole class, and can overwhelming for your child.  If you are unsure of where to place your child, please email us at


May I enroll my child mid-month? Tuition will be prorated when a child enrolls mid-month.  This amount will be automatically calculated for you in our registration system.


What should my child wear and where can I purchase dance shoes & clothes? VIEW STUDIO DRESS CODE. I will be placing a dance wear order in early August, and again in September for those who would like to purchase through the studio.  Otherwise, I recommend for your dance wear needs.  

Should I stay at the studio during my child's class? You are welcome to stay on the studio grounds, or you may drop your child off and pick them up at the end of class. Dancers will enter and exit through our studio garage doors.  


Can my child switch classes?  If you need to switch classes for any reason, you may do so provided that there is space available in the class of your choice.  Please contact the studio office to change your online enrollment


What happens if the class we choose is already full? We have a maximum amount of students for each class to ensure a quality learning environment, and to meet our current social distancing rules. If you enroll after this maximum number is reached, your child will be added to the waiting list for the class, or you may attend the class virtually. We will contact you as soon as space becomes available.


Can we try a class before we register? New students may try a week's worth of classes free of charge.  However, please keep in mind that classes fill very quickly.  In waiting to take your trial class, you may lose your position in a class.


How do we cancel our enrollment? You may drop a class at any time throughout the year.  As a courtesy, we ask that you notify us one month in advance.  Refunds will not be issued for dropped classes, missed classes, or registration fees.


Do you offer make-up classes if my child needs to miss a class?  You may drop into another class of your choice as a make up if you miss a class provided the class is not full. If the desired make up class is full, you may attend a make up class virtually. 

Is there a performance/recital? Yes!  All dancers are invited to perform in our Spring Recital, which takes place the Saturday after Memorial Day each year. Costume orders are placed in January.  In addition, there may be an additional performance opportunity for dancers in December. 

Other questions about recitals, classes or tuition? VIEW OUR STUDIO POLICIES