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Beginner Teen/Pre-Teen Classes

So, you have a teenager who is desperate to learn how to dance, but can't bear the thought of being stuck in a baby ballet class to learn the basics?  Or do you have a middle-schooler who hopes to try out for the high school POMS team?  Have no fear!  During our school-year session we have a program designed specifically with the beginner teen in mind!  These classes introduce dancers to the fundamentals of dance technique with kids their own age.  Dancers can stick with these classes as long as they'd like, or transition to our standard classes once they have caught up with their age group.  Summer is also a great time for new students to jump into classes! NEW STUDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME! 

Beginner/Intermediate Teen Classes

"Dancing is an art which is significantly tied to a sense of one's self. My daughter Paige has never been more confident since she joined Kinetic. The teachers are excellently trained and the staff is kind and caring. My daughter and I are truly blessed to have Kinetic as our dancing home! " - Gail M., Kinetic Arts Parent

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