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Studio Policies

Payment:  Tuition is charged on the 25th of each month, for the upcoming month. All enrolled students must provide a credit or debit card upon registration that will be kept on file for automatic tuition payments.  You are enrolled in autopay until the end of the dance session or the end of the month you withdraw from a class. 


Registration Fee:  A non-refundable annual registration fee of $30 per family will be automatically charged at the time of enrollment. 


Recital & Costume Fees: Every Kinetic Arts dancer will have the option to perform in our spring recital. Costume orders will be taken in December, and fees will be due by the middle of January. Costume fees range from $50-$90 per costume. Tickets to the show will be sold in the spring.  Tickets to the 2024 Recital are $20 each. For more information on our recital, click HERE


Class Placement: Class placement in levels 3-5 is by teacher permission only. Dancers without previous experience will not be granted permission to dance in levels 3-5 classes.  Dancers can expect to study in each level for 2-3 years before moving up to the next level.


Behavior: All students will be expected to be respectful to teachers and fellow students.  Kinetic Arts has a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying, or putting down other students, teachers or studios.  If an issue is brought to the directors attention, a meeting will be called with the parents.  If the behavior continues, the student will dismissed from the studio. No gum chewing or eating will be allowed during class.  Food is permitted in the lobby only. Students may bring a water bottle with them to class.


Attendance: Weekly attendance is very important to ensure that students do not fall behind in the curriculum. No refunds will be given for missed classes, however, makeup classes are encouraged. During the month of May, classes are mandatory so dancers can prepare for the recital.  Please be sure that students arrive on time for all classes, and not more than 15 minutes early.  For their safety, students will not be allowed to leave the studio lobby unless accompanied by an adult.  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY IN ALL CLASSES DURING THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE SPRING RECITAL.


Observing Classes: Parents are welcome to observe through the lobby windows or garage windows at any time.  Please email the studio office to set up a time to sit in on your child's class.  Visitors are always welcome!


Parent Communication: All studio information will be included in our monthly newsletter, sent via e-mail to all parents. It is highly recommended that you subscribe to the studio email communications upon enrollment. Important communications will also be posted on the studio website, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

Class Cancelations: The studio will be closed for the following holidays and school breaks: Labor Day, Thanksgiving week, Winter Break (2 weeks), President's Day & Spring Break. Snow day or other class cancellations will be emailed to parents, posted on the studio web site, Facebook and Instagram. Please check these places on days with inclement weather.  In the event of a cancellation, we will schedule make up classes at a future date, or you can drop into the class of your choice at your convenience.

Dropping Classes: You may drop a class at any time throughout the school year.  You must notify the studio director to drop a class.  Kinetic Arts will continue to charge you tuition until notification is received. If you notify the studio after the 1st of the month, you will be charged for that month. Kinetic Arts does not offer credits or refunds for missed classes or classes dropped mid-month. 

Looking for Dress Code information?  Click HERE!
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