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Kinetic Company

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Kinetic Company is the Kinetic Arts Competition and Performance Team.  Team members train in various style of dance (primarily the core genres of ballet, tap & jazz) and learn routines that are performed at competitions and various events throughout the year.  In addition, team members attend special workshops and dance conventions with master teachers and guest choreographers.


Team Mission:


Kinetic Company creates friendship, confidence and sportsmanship through movement, artistry and shared goals.


Why competitive dance?


Statistically speaking, most kids will not become professional dancers in their lifetime, so why choose Kinetic Company over recreational classes? The answer is that competitive dancing is about SO much more than dance.  It’s about developing character traits and positive experiences that will shape who they become as adults.


Company Dancers:

  • Build Lasting Friendships

  • Create mentorships with older team members

  • Pursue their passion

  • Set goals and work together to achieve them

  • Have a strong creative & physical outlet

  • Gain the confidence the comes with performing on stage or mastering a difficult step

  • Develop perseverance when challenges arise

  • Learn dedication and discipline

  • Are accountable to their teammates and teachers

  • Develop strong time-management skills

  • Practice cooperation and collaboration

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